Ottawa, December 2022 –

Leslie Hossack’s latest book CONSTRUCTED RECOLLECTION, an abstract autobiography, is now available.

Hossack writes:
“The images presented in this publication form a colour-coded record of my childhood as unique as my physical DNA. These works were inspired by memories and informed by research. The palette that I created for this collection is deeply rooted in the colours of 1950s – colours that defined a decade and shaped a generation. For every “constructed recollection” I carefully mixed my custom colours, and I invented a personalized name for each one. My early childhood palette consists of 80 colours. For each, I recorded the name and sRGB values, thereby creating an indexed colour chart of my first years.”

Constructed Recollection (2022) by Leslie Hossack, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Constructed Recollection (2022). By Leslie Hossack