Ottawa, November 2021 – 

Photograph by Leslie Hossack featured in “War Art in Canada: A Critical History”

In a new book published by The Art Canada Institute, Dr. Laura Brandon explores how a diverse range of artworks created from conflicts dating back hundreds of years reflects our cultural, military, political, and social evolution.

As part of the Canadian Forces Artists Program, Leslie Hossack was deployed to Kosovo in 2013. Her image Blast Tunnel, The Diefenbunker, Ottawa 2010 is from an earlier series, FALLOUT, that examines Canada’s flagship Cold War bunker. Built secretly between 1959 and 1961, the Diefenbunker is a massive four-story underground facility that was designed to shelter 535 designated officials charged with maintaining a thin thread of government in the event of nuclear attack.

The Diefenbunker Photographs - Blast Tunnel, The Diefenbunker, Ottawa 2010 by Leslie Hossack
Blast Tunnel, The Diefenbunker, Ottawa 2010